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Our mission at Marine Corps Family Team Building, MCFTB, is to help you navigate Yuma, the Marine Corps life as well as help enhance your mission readiness. We do this by providing preventative education offered along the predictable and unpredictable touch points across the lifecycle of a Marine or Sailor. Our focus is to increase awareness and to provide skill building tools and readiness for individual, family and Unit development. 


Services Offered


Through a partnership with our Readiness coordinators and other supporting resources, our Yuma team is able to provide workshops at the Unit and Installation level. Our programming is designed to meet the needs of Marines, Sailors and their family members based on the stresses of daily living and the mobile military lifestyle. 

We standardize readiness - providing support to Unit Commanders, Family Readiness command teams and Marines and their families.

  • The training programs focus on topics and concerns related to overall family functioning, relocation, deployment, military separation, life skills, and establishing appropriate connections within the military and civilian community.
  • Opportunity for Marine Corps families to use their skills and talents through volunteering.

Additional family readiness programs, which are immersed within LifeSkills Training and Education, and are delivered through the chaplain’s office include the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP), and the Chaplain’s Religious Enrichment Development Operations (CREDO). Classes are also offered online through MarineNet.


Classes and Workshops

Classes & Workshops

Our team here in Yuma is proud to offer such a robust and well-rounded curriculum of classes, workshops and trainings to help better our MCAS Yuma community. Check out the various types of courses we offer (free of charge of course!) to our Marines and families, as well as eligible DoD civilians. View our bi-monthly schedule, and sign up by filling out this form or by reaching us in person or via phone at 928-269-6550 during regular work hours.

  • Download our bi-monthly schedule of events by clicking here.

Don't see a class on the schedule, but you're interested in taking? Give us a call! We can pre-register you and/or help you with dates for future classes. 

Deployment Series

Readiness and Deployment Support is a collection of trainings and briefs designed to educate and prepare military personnel and their families to cope with the changes and challenges of all types of deployments and family separations. Designed specifically for Marines, families, and extended family members, these programs increase awareness of relevant readiness issues while offering individual creative solutions to build a healthier family and ensure all are aware of the vast resources available to them as Marine Corps Families.

Additionally, briefs provide an opportunity for Marines and their families to meet Command team members and the Unit Readiness Officer who all provide support to Marines and Families throughout any type of deployment. 

View Readiness & Deployment Class Descriptions


L.I.N.K.S. provides an introduction to the Marine Corps culture and lifestyle, as well as the many military and community resources and benefits available to Marines and their families - an orientation program designed to meet the needs of Marines and their entire family (spouse, children, and extended family members). 

  • Promotes positive adjustment and improved individual and family functioning
  • Enhances community capacity with MCAS Yuma information, resources, and introductions
  • Our team can cater this training to specific groups including Marines, Spouses, Kids, Teens, Parents, etc. 

L.I.N.K.S. is also the open door to community involvement, mentorship and volunteerism. 

View LINKS Class Descriptions

Become a L.I.N.K.S. Volunteer!

L.I.N.K.S. is supported by and gains its successes from its many dedicated volunteers. Build your resume, meet new people and make a difference in someone's life. If you're interested, get in contact with our team to get started!

Positions include:

  • Mentor
  • Admin support
  • Classroom logistics
  • & more!



Personal and professional growth workshops that cover a wide variety of topics in areas of communication, impact, relationships, and wellness. Participants will gain skills to effectively handle personal, professional or relationship focused situations. LifeSkills includes four training series as both instructor-led and virtual opportunities:

  • Communication
  • Impact
  • Relationship 
  • Wellness 

View Lifeskills Class Descriptions

Unit, Personal, and Family Readiness

The UPFRP workshops and trainings are designed to help Marines and families achieve a constant state of personal and family readiness. 

  • Communicates official command information through newsletters, phone calls, emails, etc. 
  • Provides information and resources for military and local resources.
  • Provides readiness and deployment support to all members of a Marine's family.


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