School Liaison

School Liaison Program

The School Liaison program is here to facilitate a smooth transition for your school aged children.  Yuma has an Open Enrollment educational system as well as many educational options available to our military families.  The School Liaison can help you navigate the educational system in order to make the best school choices for your children.

USMC School Liaison Mission:

  • Identify and coordinate community resources to reduce the impact of the mobile lifestyle on military school-age children and families
  • Implement predictable support services that assist children/youth with relocations, life transitions, and achieving academic success
  • Provide a wide range of resources that facilitate school transitions for parents, student, schools, commanders, and communities.

What is a School Liaison?

School Liaisons are professionals whose mission it is to facilitate successful K-12 schooling transitions when military connected children move with their families to new duty stations and when those children are transitioning to the next step in their education, such as transitioning into kindergarten or graduating high school and pursuing post-secondary education. School Liaisons are located on every Marine Corps installation, both CONUS and OCONUS, and work together to provide families with the schooling information and resources they need to locate quality schools for their children and ensure continuity in their education throughout the service member’s career. School Liaisons also work with the local school systems to inform education professionals and the community on the unique needs military connected children have and the service related challenges they face. Most importantly, the Yuma School Liaison can serve and support any active duty military family assigned to MCAS Yuma, regardless of their branch of service. We’re here to support you during your move here, during your time on station, and as you prepare for your next PCS move!

USMC School Liaison Program – Connecting Military Families, Schools and the Marine Corps

School Liaison Checklist

Quick Checklist for School Moves

Arizona School Requirements
Use our quick checklist to help you keep organized for school moves.
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School Liaison Program- Make your next PCS a Positive Change of Schools.